NZeTA fee includes the government fee and the service fee. The service fee is charged for our assistance24h professional support, and processing time guarantee. NZeTA fee can be paid online via Credit/Debit Card.

1. Service Fee

Standard (USD) Emergency (USD) Rush (USD)
USD 68.00 per applicant Plus USD 79.00 per applicant Plus USD 99.00 per applicant
  • Standard: The soonest time your eTA can be delivered is 3 business days after your documents provided. We assure that your eTA will be delivered on time for your trip.
  • Emergency: For those who would like to get an NZeTA within 1 business day.
  • Rush: For those who would like to get an NZeTA within 12 business hours.

2. Government Fee

Government fee for NZeTA - Multiple entries

Types of applicantGovernment feeIVL*


Australian permanent residentsUSD 9.23-

USD 9.23

Non-Australian permanent residents

USD 9.23USD 26.92

USD 36.15

*IVL: International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy 

Most global guests visiting New Zealand will be charged a toll of USD 26.92 that will be put resources into sustainable tourism and conservation projects. 

The IVL is a significant instrument to ensure that New Zealanders' lives are enriched by sustainable travel industry development. It will do this by investing in projects that will meaningfully change the travel industry framework, assisting with making beneficial, manageable, and inclusive tourism growth that ensures and bolsters our environment.



  • Not available for Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders or Laissez-passer travel document holders
  • Not available to people endorsed on Parent's/Spouse's Passport i.e. each person should have a separate passport
  • Not available for International Travel Document Holders


  • Passport should have at least 3 months validity after the date you plan to leave New Zealand. The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
  • The validity of eTA will be 2 years from the date your NZeTA is issued
  • The stay period in New Zealand is 3 months in the 12-month period for most applicants. Only applicants from the United Kingdom are allowed to stay in New Zealand for a maximum of 6 months in the 12-month period.
  • The NZeTA is valid for multiple entries
  • Australian permanent residents or applicants whose nationalities belong to 60 visa waiver countries can travel to New Zealand by air-plane. Whereas, applicants who are non-Australian permanent residents and whose nationalities belong to the other 135 eligible countries must travel to New Zealand by a cruise ship