Where to stay during New Zealand's trip?

If you are a self-traveler or not on a tour, you may wonder where to stay during your trip so that it is convenient to discover the whole of New Zealand. The guide below will show you.


1.    Stay in a city closing to your main destinations and full of facilities

Many people are concerning about how far from the hotel to where they intend to visit. Most of them want to save time instead of driving hours to each separate places. Therefore, an ideal place to stay during the trip is the most concerning issue. 

Auckland city

If most of your destinations based on the mainland, not anywhere but Auckland will be the top priority choice. Being the largest city in New Zealand and international hub, most of the flights arrive in Auckland International Airport, making it an easy trip for any tourists to choose an accommodation in Auckland as soon as landing in New Zealand. Staying in the center of the city helps you access easily the modern infrastructure, shopping mall, and even stunning sceneries. Otherwise, if your budget is tight, you still have an option to stay in a suburb town like Ellerslie which is just a short drive from Auckland. From Auckland, it is easy for travelers to travel to wherever North, South, East or West.   




Wellington city

Wellington is known as the famous capital of New Zealand, that is why it is one of the top attracting tourist spots of global visitors. Though is not as large as Auckland, the capital city has its own unique culture and identity. If you are a type of traveler who desires to explore the history via the museum, Wellington provides a wide array of museums aging up to a hundred years old and having a wealth of exhibits. The modern city also offers a great train and bus network throughout the city that connects Wellington with surrounded suburbs. 





Christchurch is a wonderful and the largest city of the South Island located on the bank of the River Avon. Away from the city center, there are charming beaches are within close driving distances. 


Sumner Beach is the most well-known



Being well-known for Wakatipu lake, Arrowtown, The Remarkables, Treble Cone skiing resort or the most adventurous sports, visiting Queenstown will bring you an unforgettable feeling. Adventure activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating, and river rafting will let you experience the region from dizzying heights and at breathtaking speeds. The city is also unique for its diversified cuisine, which makes you get stunned with a number of restaurants and bars twice the city’s size. 




2.    Stay in a small town but not too remote 

Small towns may not offer many accommodation options. So, if you do not want to see many people around you, look for that kind of city or town. 


This is a town located in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Whakatane prides itself in being the “sunshine capital”. Visiting the Wairere Falls and the famous partially-damaged Muriwai’s Cave, spending a day at Ōhope Beach, reportedly one of the best activities in the country.


Only a couple of hours from Christ Church, Kaikoura is a dream city for ocean lovers. This coastal town is also home to crayfish, making it the most popular specialty on the local menu here. You may get a chance to see whales, orcas, dolphins, seals, ... if visiting the region at the right time.





Picton is truly a town for budding wine connoisseurs since it is the gateway to the island and inlets of the Marlborough Sounds. Besides, it is also a port town with a beautiful bay and water sport activities. There are many fishing trips based on Picton along with Wine Tours to Blenheim and sea kayaking in and around the bays.





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