Tips for family trip to New Zealand on 2020 holiday

Nowhere else but New Zealand is a good destination for family-friendly holidays since the country offers services from A to Z to both adults and children. Before applying for an eligible NZ Tourist eTA, check out these activities that tourists can do when visiting New Zealand for holidays in 2020.

1.    Visit zoos and wildlife parks

Whenever we want to allow our children to explore the wildlife and ecosystems, taking them to the zoos or wildlife parks will never be an old idea. Especially in New Zealand, where animal parks are created to conserve rare and endangered species. The guides and animal trainers there are very friendly and helpful because they always will answer all of the wonders or questions from tourists about these animals. Furthermore, children can try feeding, patting, or even holding some kinds of animals in some selected areas. They will learn more about diversified wildlife through their real interactions.  




Several zoos have open-air areas, while Orana (located on the outskirts of Christchurch.) is the only open-range zoo, where wild animals are not kept in cages with the aim to stimulate their natural instinct. For instead, visitors are locked up in a truck’s cage for the sake of safe during their tour around Orana.  



People are stalked by big cats around the truck, what an adventurous experience!


If this does not suit your choice, do not worry since there are still so many other popular zoos attracting tourists worldwide in New Zealand. 

  • Hamilton Zoo: the zoo is home to native birds and gives you a “face to face” experience when encountering with exotic animals. 
  • Auckland Zoo, Wellington Zoo.
  • National Aquarium: this Aquarium boasts the largest numbers of aquatic animals not only from New Zealand but also the neighboring countries around. This is an aquarium located in Napier, North Island. 


2.    Visit theme and leisure parks 

Your 2020 New Year will be more fun if you check out these activities with your families. Entertainment park always fulfills its role well as a leisure place for family visiting every weekend. New Zealand boasts the most unique and impressive leisure parks with the themes that vary from informative to adventurous, historical, thrilling, scary with clearly separated areas. 



Entrance in a group of the family may receive more hot deals and favorable conditions.


  • Rainbow’s End: With an area of 9.3 hectares, Rainbow’s End is the largest theme park in New Zealand. It is home to thrilling slides and a unique cinema system. The park is also a children's entertainment area with a spectacular wooden merry-go-round. If you are an adventurous or thrilling person, taking part in one of these 5 slides: Stratosfear, Invader, Fearfall, Power Surge or Corkscrew Coaster. Otherwise, Log Flume or Dodgems will be more suitable and friendly for a family. For younger kids, there is a Kidz Kingdom designed for them, which is ensured both about safety and high entertainment. Be noted that Rainbow’s End will not open on Christmas Day. 



Most tourists frequently come with their family or friends and hope to bring new experiences to their kids and allow them the chance of interaction with the surrounding environment. 


  • Adrenalin Forest: That theme park is a great place for daddy and children to challenge their physical and mental strength and your brave. The whole area offers 100 challenges, obstacles and 6 different levels from basic to advance. Adrenalin Forest has its bases in three regions, from North to South Island: Wellington, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch, making it easier for tourists no matter where you stay in the country. 




  • aMAZEme: This is a young entertainment in Rotorua since it has just been put in use since 2010. Children may be fascinating about the McGregor’s garden with raised garden beds full of fruit, berries, and vegetables; Monarch butterfly house or other friendly family attractions as a small animal enclosure where your children will delight in the animal petting experience; a giant board game area; …
  • Christchurch International Antarctic Center: In order to highlight the global significance of Antarctic, that center brings a “real frozen continent” to tourists. The center offers visitors the opportunity to experience the all-terrain amphibious Hagglund ride, feel the force of an Antarctic storm, …




3.    Costs and traveling in New Zealand 

New Zealand’s unit currency is the New Zealand dollar (NZD). Pricing depends on the place you visit and stay, time of the year, and day of the week, so we give you a general idea about how to spend and travel reasonably in New Zealand.


The average price you must pay includes accommodation, transport, food, banking, … 

  • Accommodation: When it comes to saving money on accommodation, the hostel will be the first option. Hostels can be easily found in most major cities and towns across the country. Tourists can expect to pay about USD$ 20 for a dorm bed to USD$ 50 for a private room. But when it comes to a family who wants to stay for a longer period of time and enjoy a private space with an equipped kitchen, AirBnB is an alternative option. 
  • Transportation: Vehicle hire prices are seasonal, and the following fares are just general indicators: Economy car hire: NZ$20-60 per day; Motorhome hire: NZ$40-$120 per day; Public transport between cities: NZ$10-$10; Public transport within cities: NZ$2-$10.


  • Select the island: A short trip cannot cover the whole of New Zealand since both North and South Island are so large. Therefore, traveling to both islands is time-consuming and much expensive. Choose an island suits your hobbies then plan the itinerary including all the activities you will do there. So, in order to have a general comparison of the two islands, check out the article before applying for the NZ Tourist eTA.




  • Select the traveling season: Timing can make or break the travel budget. So, traveling off-season, you will find the cheapest deal. Especially, Spring (from September to December) is the hottest season to explore the country, so if you travel at that time, there occurs lots of activities and festivals. Otherwise, traveling in Autumn may be more temperate, not too crowded, but still filled with interesting activities. 
  • The cost of a meal in a New Zealand dining restaurant may shock any tourists who have first come to New Zealand. So for instead, an outdoor barbecue in the park when camping with a group of friends or family brings more fun and memories. 




  • Driving rules: If your family tends to hire care for self-driving around New Zealand cities, remember all the rules below for safety guarantee. In New Zealand, people drive on the left-hand side and the driver must sit on the right-hand side. If you are used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, this can be a challenge to remember especially when pulling out into traffic. Do not drive when you are tired and take regular breaks. It is critically dangerous no matter what country where you are in. 


Do not worry since we are ready 24/7/365 to provide you and your family all the possible information about the coming trip to New Zealand next year, 2020 and how to get the New Zealand Travel Authority (NZ Tourist eTA) at the soonest time. 

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