Mistakes to avoid when visiting New Zealand

Your understanding about New Zealand maybe not enough or even mistaken, making the confusion once you set your foot in New Zealand. Thereby, the sharing below will help you figure out what you should do and do not in this island country. 

1.    Focus too much on visiting a vast of sightseeing

You may find New Zealand as a small country neighboring Australia when looking at the map. In reality, a short trip cannot cover an endless list of attracting tourist spots in New Zealand. However, many tourists commonly try to visit as many places as possible but not fully experience each destination. It’s a great mistake you need to avoid. 




So, if your trip lasts for only 1-2 weeks, seeing everything in such a short time will make you feel exhausted. You had better pick a small area or a region to explore it properly. Remember to give yourself a plenty of time for each tourist attractions. Do not worry since the allowed duration of stay in New Zealand is 3 months in the 12-month period with holding the right NZeTA


2.    Drink wine at restaurant only

New Zealand is globally renowned for its wine fields. And more especially, you may get stunned if you know that the “Bring your own (BYO) wine” is a common tradition in most of New Zealand restaurants. Instead of being limited your selection of wine in a restaurant menu, you have another option of being charged a small “corkage fee” then freely bring your own bottle to the restaurant. But not all restaurants offer that service, so ask carefully before may reduce your overall bill up to a third. 



3.    Not allowing yourself enough time to rest after jet lag

Traveling to any foreign country that is very far from your home country easily cause jet lag. And its effects should not be underestimated because it can affect badly to the whole itinerary. Therefore, allow a few days to adjust when you get there is highly recommended. 


4.    Climate and clothing mistakes

Having an oceanic climate, the winter in New Zealand often lasts from June to September, in which July is the coldest month but not extremely cold as in other countries. So, if you desire a warmer climate with sunny light, visit New Zealand from December to February. The weather is also not extremely hot like many Southeast Asian nations. Knowing about the weather will help you choose the right clothes.




Instead of seeing snowflakes falling, Christmas holiday in New Zealand falls into the hot months, making it become so unique. Therefore, residents often gather at beaches to celebrate their Christmas. Coming to New Zealand’s beaches in that period of time, you will catch an interesting sight of Santa Clauses wearing flat shoes and walking along the beach. Instead of pine trees, Pohutukawa plays a symbolic role in Christmas.  


5.    Not getting off the beaten track 

Undoubtedly, visiting the popular tourist destinations is safe and wonderful. Yet, sometimes, you should break the safe rule as giving you a chance to discover where tourists do not generally come. 



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