All about Australia Permanent Residency 2019-2020

When applying for NZ Visit eTA, it will be more convenient and favorable if the applicant is an Australian Permanent Resident. So, what is Australia Permanent Residency (PR) and how to achieve this status?

1.    What is Australian Permanent Resident (PR)?

Australian permanent residents are residents of Australia who hold a long-term permanent residency visa but not citizens of Australia. 

  • Australian PR is allowed to entry and exit at any times, reside in Australia, join a work or a study course, receive social welfare as health insurance (Medicare) by Australian government and have many other rights as an Australian citizen except the right to vote. 
  • If an Australian PR resides in Australia for over 3 years, they are eligible for applying for the Australian passports and have all rights as an Australian citizen.




  • With an Australia Permanent Residency Visa, you are allowed to enter New Zealand without paying the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). So, check the visa fee for Australian permanent resident when applying for the NZeTA. In addition, Australian permanent residents are allowed to travel to NZ by any methods of transport (flight or cruise ship). 


2.    How to get the Australia permanent residency visa?

The ways to apply for Australia PR visa depends on different conditions: through skilled immigration (employment), family or marital status.

For fresh graduates

The most common choice for getting a PR visa for postgraduate students are applying for the Visa 189 (Skilled Independent Visa), a type of points-tested visa for high-skilled workers aging from 18 to 49 and not guaranteed by any business owner or a relative or the state, and territory government. The field of work you are pursuing must be included in the Australian Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and you must have at least 65 points from 2019, assessed through many factors like ages, English proficiency, skilled employment experience, and educational qualifications. In which, applicants who are from 25-32 will be given the highest point (30).   



The visa fee costs from $AUD 4,045 per person. Owning visa 189 is considered as the best way to get PR. Owner is also allowed to stay at any states in Australia.


There are many sufficient ways to boost your points: improve your IELTS and PTE (with superior English, equivalent to IELTS 8.0 or PTE 79, you will get 20 points); join a NATTI or CCL course to own a certificated translation; having experience in a job relating to what you intend to mention in the PR application; living in sparsely populated regions; partner skill; … 


For workers

In order to solve the imbalance of population distribution, many policies are enacted in 2019 with the aim to encourage workers to live and work in the outskirts or isolated areas, including Visa 491, Visa 494, Visa 191, Visa 190 …  

  • Visa 491 - The Skilled Regional (Provisional). It will replace Visa 489 from 16th November 2019. This points-tested visa is used for applicants sponsored by a designated regional area of an Australian state or territory, or an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area of Australia. 
  • Visa 494 - Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional): this kind of visa allows employers easily to access and widen the scope of finding skilled foreign workers to sponsor them to live and work in Australia. 


Skilled-Migration-Australia PR

IT and Accountant are the most competitive work-field, so the processing time may be longer and stricter. 


Besides many mentioned ways to get Australia permanent residency, there are other types of visa to choose depends on your case. However, it surely takes you several years before officially reach that status. Once you become an Australian permanent resident, traveling to New Zealand will be easier like a daily routine without any limitation. We hope that this article will help you update the latest news about Australia PR 2019 and what will be coming in 2020.



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